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Our company specializes in unique trips to the most hard-to-reach and thus most beautiful places in Russia: Taimyr peninsula, Putorana plateau, Anabar plateau. In summer we organize for our clients sea kayak tours over the Baikal lake and the White Sea.

Look at our  Photo album - there the magic of a taiga will fascinate you without words.

Travel to Russia

Russia, owing to the sizes, even for its residents remains terra incognito. The majority of the population lives in the European part of the country and the very few went on the East for the Ural mountains with the tourist purposes.

For foreigners Russia many long years remained the closed country. Fortunately, times have changed and now Russia is opened for visitors from every corner of the globe. Travel across Russia become more and more popular. And if you put enough effort and money it is possible to get to fantastically beautiful places where the nature remained in a protogenic condition.

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    About us

    All tours, excursions and activities described on this site organizes Russian travel company Magic of Taiga - friendly team of tourists from the city of Kaluga. Each of us has many years experience in rafting or mountain hiking. Someone has gone through many turbulent rivers in kayaks and rafts, someone has conquered many peaks, someone stamped on foot countless miles on the most beautiful corners of Russia, but all together we - the carriers of a unique tourist experience and knowledge to help make our work at the highest level!


    We use equipment of the best world manufacturers - rafts, kayaks, canoes, camping equipment. For communication and security - the satellite phone, VHF radio, GPS.

    Prices of tours

    The price includes: complete travel organization, the work of the two guides, two rafts and all camping equipment, food, a satellite phone and VHF radio.

    The price does not include: round-trip airfare to the starting point of the route, round-trip flight to the starting point of the route by helicopter, insurance, alcohol. Accommodation and meals at the hotel in the starting point of the route case of delayed departure due to bad weather.

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