Eastern Siberia. Map of routes.

Eastern Siberia - one of the most wild and remote regions of Russia. This is the realm of wild nature. Travel Company "Magic of Taiga" organizes rafting and fishing on several rivers in Eastern Siberia. On the map you can see the possible routes.

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  • river Kotuykan

  • river Maimecha

  • schrenk River

  • river Fomich

  • river Tembenchi

  • river Embenchime

  • river Moero

Anabar plateau. River Kotuykan.

Travel in Siberia

Region:Russia, Anabar plateau

Name of travel:Wild River Kotuykan

Price:12000$ for group up to 6 persons

Duration:10 days

Travel report:  Stone guards of Kotuykan river

Photo album:  Kotuykan river


Kotuykan river flows through the northern foothills of the Anabar Plateau - the northern outpost of the Central Siberian Plateau. Anabar shield geographically coinciding with the Anabar Plateau, built the so-called pre-Cambrian rocks. Here, go to surface of some of the oldest geologically mountainous rocks - Proterozoic and Archean with ages of 1600-2000 to 3200 million years. Kotuykan River over millions of years in these rocks cut through his valley and created one of the most majestic scenery on Earth. The river has exposed geologic layers, on you can read the history of the Earth. Numerous stone towers, reminiscent of medieval castles, rising to the sky. Must not a lot of imagination to populate their intelligent beings in the spirit "Lord of the Rings" or "Star Wars".

If we ignore the lyrics, then we can say that the Anabar plateau - one of the most difficult and environmentally friendly places on earth. This area is not affected human activities. Hundreds of kilometers around no settlements, so hunting and fishing are excellent. In rivers Anabar Plateau, particularly in Kotuykan, home to Taymen (giant trout or siberian salmon). For true fans of fishing Kotuykan give unforgettable moments of struggle with this king-fish.


Border zone:Khatanga settlement is a border zone. Documents for admission into the border zone should apply three months prior to the arrival date. List of documents: photocopy of passport, place of residence, occupation.

Price: 12000$ for group up to 6 people.

The price includes: complete travel organization, the work of the two guides, two rafts and all camping equipment, food, a satellite phone and VHF communications.

The price does not include:round-trip airfare to Khatanga, round-trip flight to the starting point of the route by helicopter (cost per hour of flight in 2015 - 2500$, total time of flight - 3.5 hours), insurance, alcohol. Accommodation and meals at the hotel in the village Khatanga case of delayed departure due to bad weather.

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